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    EngView ALEX Tool Matching


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    EngView ALEX Tool Matching



The Case

Aluminum extruders keep an inventory of the already produced supporting tools with the hope of reusing it. Usually they manufacture a new tool for each new die, although very often the right one is already in storage. Finding a suitable backer or bolster without an automated system is difficult and time consuming. 

The Answer

ALEX allows you to create a database of your existing tools and quickly and efficiently to search it.
ALEX applies a smart pattern matching algorithms and searches through stored backers and bolsters for the ones that match the shape of a newly produced die.   

By finding a matching tool in your existing storage, ALEX can eliminate the cost of a new tool and speed up the production process. Customers can achieve return on investment in a few months.


Locate the supporting tools suitable for a new die by following the easy procedure below:

ALEX generates a report for every search, with detailed technical information of the tool that has been found. The software keeps record of all searches and a summary of the estimated net savings.


The business benefits of the software are illustrated in the calculation example below:

Number of dies produced per week:   20
Matching existing tools found by ALEX:
 - at only 20% success rate
Average price per backer: x $500
Total tool savings per week:  = $2,000
Staff Time Saved 2h $150
Net savings per week: $2,150


The business benefits of ALEX are simple to estimate:


•  Reusing your existing tools results in reduced manufacturing cost. 

• The automated search is fast and precise. And it speeds up the whole manufacturing process. 

• Higher accuracy.  


The experienced team of EngView Systems provides assistance to its customers during the whole implementation process.

Our specialists evaluate each case individually and can recommend the best course of action.

EngView systems can provide different specialized services related to the creation of the database of your existing tools as well.


EngView Alex is very easy to learn and intuitive to use. That is why it requires only 4 hours of training.


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