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What is SFM

It's for professionals who want to see the big picture, not only partial measurements with calipers and optical comparators.

Scan Fit and Measure is 2D system for off-line measurement and inspection of profile geometry. It is used as a quality control tool allowing various types of production facilities to benefit by reducing costs and minimizing product deviations. The flatbed scanner technology is suitable for measurement of profiles from aluminum, plastic, rubber, silicon and medical tube extrusion.

Easy to set up and use, the 2D measurement system delivers instant PASS/FAIL evaluation based on a rich set of customer’s predefined geometric dimensions and tolerances. It provides a visual comparison of the scanned image to the CAD model based on the precise measurement of size, position, wall thickness and GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing).

Large field of view area of 300mm x 400mm (11 3/4" x 15 3/4") allows sizable and multiple part measurement thus speeding quality control and ensuring an intact and continuous production flow.


Scanner 400

Technical Specifications

Maximal Measuring Area

300mm x 400mm (11.3/4" x 15.3/4")

Average measuring speed (multi-part)

~00:15min per part

XY Accuracy

E2 = (20 + 20L/1000)μm

Maximal Part Weight

5 kg (11 lbs)

Operating temperature range

10°C - 35°C (50°F - 95°F)

System Dimensions (WxDxH)

710 x 1050 x 500mm (28" x 41" x 20")

Footprint (WxD)

600 x 620mm (24" x 25")

Maximal Part Height

130mm (5.1/8")

Scanner 250

Technical Specifications

Maximal Measuring Area

200mm x 250mm (8.5/8" x 9.13/16")

Average measuring speed (multi-part)

≈00:05 min per part

XY Accuracy

E2 = (20 + 20L/1000)μm

Maximal Part Weight

2 kg (5 lbs)

Operating temperature range

10°C - 35°C (50°F - 95°F)

System Dimensions (WxDxH)

420 x 530 x 230mm (17 " x 21" x 9")

Footprint (WxD)

380 x 420mm (15" x 17")

Maximal Part Height

80mm (3.1/8")

Scanner 200/10 Narrow

Technical Specifications

Maximal Measuring Area

10mm x 200mm (3/8" x 8")

Average measuring speed (multi-part)

~00:15 min per part at High resolution

XY Accuracy at High resolution

E2 = (5 + 5L/1000)μm

Maximal Part Weight

1kg (2.2 lbs)

Operating temperature range

10ºC - 35ºC (50°F - 95°F)

System Dimensions (WxDxH)

360 x 610 x 200mm (14" x 24" x 8")

Footprint (WxD)

310 x 530mm(12" x 21")

Maximal Part Height

30mm (1.3/16")

Measurement Data Center

Data Collection Software


The Measurement Data Center (MDC) is a data collection software that ensures that each measurement is tracked and stored on a local server or in the cloud. The software adds traceability to the quality control process of any production facility. It is also a collaboration tool that stores templates, measurement routines and measurement results. MDC integrates seamlessly with other measurement software, a guarantee that no measurement result is ever lost.


MDC can connect and collect data from the SFM systems and from digital gauges like calipers, micrometers, indicators and other measurement tools.


The system provides visual representation of the measurement data, displaying the results in graphics and tables. It can generate a report for a single measurement or over a period of time.


The MDC could be accessed online or it could be installed on a local server inside the factory.


System Features

  • Open-standard data output for integration with other information and reporting systems
  • Open-standard data input for integration with other (3rd party) measuring devices
  • Up to 300mm x 400mm (11.3/4" x 15.3/4") field of view, up to 130mm (5.1/8") part height
  • Rugged design for shop floor operation
  • Multiple parts measured at once for speed and reduced workload
  • Separate profile, dimensional and comparator views for unambiguous evaluation
  • One-time CAD measurement template preparation
  • Constructed features for comprehensive measurement
  • Profile Tolerance with whiskers and zone visualization
  • Rich set of geometric dimensions and tolerances
  • Precision comparable to a digital caliper
  • 1 day set-up and user training for fast implementation
  • Reports generation (MS Excel, OO Calc, PDF)
  • Touchscreen comparator for automatic and manual visual inspection
  • Automatic Part recognition (AutoID)
  • One button measurement with automatic BestFit part alignment




Georgi Marinov

Office Express IT Center. 5th Floor 135 Tzarigradsko Shosse Blvd., 1784 Sofia, Bulgaria

Phone: +359 2 976 83 12

E-mail: info@sfmeasure.com

Canada and USA

Stephan Penchev

PO Box 135 Cote-St-Luc, Montreal, QC H4V 2Y3, Canada

Phone: +1 514 343 0290

E-mail: info@sfmeasure.com

South America

Matheus Pires

Metropolitan Square Business R. Luso-Brasileira, 4-44, Sala 1008 Jardim Estoril, Bauru

Phone: +55 11 984 243 884

E-mail: info@sfmeasure.com

Distributors Europe, Middle East and Africa


Karl Lenz

Nassaustraße 11 D-65719 Hofheim-Wallau, Germany

Phone: +49 6122 99 68 0

E-mail: kjl@ogpgmbh.com

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